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“Deyna is officially my favorite wax person I’ve come across so far. She was so nice and really knew her stuff. My wax came out perfectly and I really like her style. Best underarm and leg waxing :) I will definitely be coming back again and would recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

Chanelle C • Scottsdale, AZ
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“Lori is amazing. I’ve been to her a couple times for brozilians. Obviously a very intimate procedure. She has put me totally at ease and does a fantastic job.”

Mike E • Tempe, AZ

“I have been Deyna’s client for several years. She is quick, efficient and always does a great job. Her facilities are clean and lovely. She has a lot of experience, so she will never hurt or burn you. If you are thinking of waxing - call Deyna!!”

Sandra G • Tempe, AZ
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“The Stress Buster service I had with Lori was so awesome. It made me feel so much better! I’ve been full of good, relaxed energy all weekend. Today I had the best gym workout I’ve had in a very long time. Lori is beyond awesome and I really appreciate that she recommended this amazing service!”

Bill S • Chandler, AZ • Law Enforcement

“I’ve been going to Dayna for over 7 years for my back and eyebrow waxing needs. She offers excellent service at fair prices and doesn’t make me cry in pain every time the wax is ripped off. She is the only one I trust to rip hot wax off my back and I will continue to visit her a few times a year for forever.”

Jason B • Scottsdale, AZ
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“Lori does a great job she makes you feel very comfortable and is very profesional at what she does have been coming here for a while and it’s definitely worth it.”

Crysty C • Prescott Valley, AZ • Fire Protection

“Deyna is the best! She’s an excellent professional and a great person. Too bad I had to move out of state.. I definitely recommend her!”

Maria L • Chandler, AZ
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“I just had my first Brazilian ever with Lori. She made me feel extremely comfortable and was very professional.

I liked the area too—it was clean but cozy, not too intense or stark.

I know this sounds weird but Lori was a really easy person to undress in front of. She was also amazing at the wax itself. It was not very painful or irritating, although that’s obviously subjective. She was knowledgable and helpful about waxing.

The price was extremely reasonable too.

I’ll definitely be back.”

Kate P • Scottsdale, AZ • Business Owner

“Deyna is wonderful! Very gentle and professional. The salon always appears in top shape and very clean which is important to me. I always feel comfortable here. Very easy to schedule and reschedule with as needed. Will definitely come here for any of my waxing needs.”

Maya C • Chandler, AZ
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“Absolutely love Lori. Been coming to her for brozilians and she does a terrific job. Very thorough and effective while being gentle. Highly recommend her and will be coming back for a long time.”

Keith C • Tempe, AZ • Hospitality
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“First time Waxing and couldn’t have been better.... Deyna is great makes you feel really comfortable...”

Jesika B • Chandler, AZ
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“I went here initially because of a Groupon deal. I have been to a few other places for my bikini waxes and felt “okay” with the service. Never have I felt the way I did when I went here with Lori. She was amazing. Her ability to be personal, professional, and provide an awesome service was all I needed! I will continue to go back for my waxing for sure!”

Christy S • Mesa, AZ
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“As long as I am in need of that type of service, I will go to Deyna and only Deyna! She is efficient, professional and a nice person to chat to. The place is tiny and I believe this is the way it should be as the service performed is extremely intimate.”

Rita P • Tempe, AZ
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“This place is great. The rooms are comfortable and the specialists really know their stuff! My hair has significantly reduced in growth. I was at European wax center but after switching waxers every time because my last one would quit or was unavailable, I moved here. Now I have the same lady each time, Lori, and she does a great job! You won’t regret moving and the cost is pretty much the same for a much better product.”

Megan S • Mesa, AZ • Education
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“Deyna has been wonderful! She truly enjoys what she does. Not only is she humble and very comforting, she is extremely thorough and fast all done with gentle hands. She sets the bar in her field!”

My P • Gilbert, AZ
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“Highly recommend. I bought the groupon this morning and got my wax done just a couple hours later. Being able to text the salon and book the appointment though an online system was super convenient and made the booking process simple and fast.

Lori made me feel relaxed and comfortable. She was very knowledgeable and I learned a lot about waxing and taking care of my skin! The wax itself was a soft wax with cloth strips. For me, it was less painful than the hard waxes I’m used to getting.”

Nadya Z • Los Angeles, CA
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“First time ever getting a Brazilian and Deyna was awesome! She’s professional and makes you feel very comfortable. Will definitely be going here from now on!”

Rachelle F • Paradise Valley, AZ • Healthcare
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“If I could rate them 10 stars, I would. I found Wax On Wax Off on Groupon, which by the way is an excellent price!! I wanted to get my first Brazilian wax, but I am on a budget. My wax was $27, regular $58. I was a little iffy about getting a Groupon for a wax, but I am so happy I found this place. Lori knew by the look on my face how scared I was and as soon as she started talking me through what was going to happen, a lot of my nerves disappeared. She explained that everyone has a different experience, but personally this was less of a hassle than a simple eyebrow wax! She talked to me the entire time and told me exactly what she would be doing step-by-step. I got the wax for a special occasion and did not have a plan to go again, but I would most definitely go back just because I was so happy with my experience!! I could go on and on about how happy I am with this place and specifically with Lori but you’ll just have to go and see for yourself!!”

Katrina H • Yuma, AZ
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“I always have a great experience with Deyna. New to bikini waxing, I had lots of questions/concerns. Deyna explained what to expect, provided thorough maintenance instructions, has an awesome referral program, and is affordable. Very satisfied and won’t be going anywhere else.”

Annemarie B • Indian Trail, NC
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“I love this place. Moved from California and was a little nervous about finding a new wax lady! I found Lori! She is the best!!! I would highly recommend this place!”

Marlene C • Tucson, AZ • Finance
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“Great service! She makes you feel welcome and comfortable the entire time. Highly recommended for any waxing needs. In and out in a breeze, make sure to book your next appointment sooner than later.”

Ruby I • Chandler, AZ
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“Tried this place with a Groupon & found a great waxing salon. Lori is amazing! Love the scheduling they use, easy to make an appt. Great service & personal attention. Turned an anxious experience into something pleasant & far less painful than anticipated :) would highly recommend!”

Deirdre F • Phoenix, AZ • Healthcare

“I’ve been going to Deyna for 5 years now. She’s a great person, not once has she ever made me feel uncomfortable. Her prices are reasonable. Most of the time I call her last minute and she always does her best to fit me in.”

Jacki A • Maricopa, AZ
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“I highly recommend Lori for all of your waxing needs. She is so knowledgeable, and so skilled at what she does. She knows how to make anybody feel comfortable, and makes sure that she is going at the pace that is best for you. My skin has always been smooth after my appointments. She understands that everyone’s body is different. Lori makes sure your appointment is customize just for you and the type of skin and hair you have.”

Sarah J • Mesa, AZ

“I’ve been to countless waxing estheticians over the past 30 years. I went to Deyna today, and it was fantastic. The salon is minimal - her table, wax & her expertise. I’m not overpaying for waterfalls & bottled water. Though it was my first time, I already booked my next 3 appointments. Professional, polite, funny, and she know’s what she’s doing I agree with another review I say, if you’re in AZ, you go to her, period.”

Terry H • Chandler, AZ
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“they were awesome i had a groupon and they got me in with out an appointment! they totally saved my vacation since i was headed to cali. and they were very very nice.”

Mary L • Phoenix, AZ
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“Deyna is fantastic at her job! I had a brazilian done with her and it was my first visit.

Deyna was professional, made me feel comfortable right away and was very thorough and efficient. It hurt less than I expected and I will be returning without question! You cannot go wrong with Deyna!”

Jennette B • Mesa, AZ
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“This is my go-to place for waxes! I will not say much, but this place makes me comfortable with my bikini waxes. I freak out when it comes to bikini waxes, well, who doesn’t ( specially after having horrid experiences). But I am extremely comfortable going to Lori for my waxes! I am a regular now and I don’t think I will be on the same comfort level with anyone else for my Brazilians!”

Shruti J • Los Angeles, CA
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“I’ll keep it short and sweet. I will never go see anyone other than Deyna for waxing in the state of Arizona. Period.”

Rebecca S • Mundelein, IL
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“Lori and Owner Deyna maintain a professional atmosphere with a very personal touch. In the two years I’ve been visiting this salon, Lori has come to be a friend. Hummingbook makes booking an ease. I especially enjoy the sensual artwork adorning the walls. I look forward to my visits.”

Ronak P • Phoenix, AZ • Student
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“I’ve been coming to see Deyna for years! You won’t find a better waxing place in the valley. She always does a great job!!”

Nadia F • Paradise Valley, AZ
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“Lori made sure I knew exactly what I was getting. She is patient and kind. I have recommended her to my friends.”

Terri B • Mesa, AZ
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“I visited Deyna for the first time today. I am so happy because I found a waxing place to go for the rest of my life :) Had a great experience :)”

A A • Glendale, AZ
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“I went the first time to this place with the Groupon but I didn’t go to another place until then! Lori is doing a very good job. My hair reduced a lot. The rooms are comfortable. I really recommend this place.”

Pauline N • Chandler, AZ • Education
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“I have been going to Deyna for many years now. She’s fast, professional, does a great job. I recommend her to everyone I know for their waxing needs....”

Daniela B • Berlin, Germany
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“It took a dare from a close friend to finally get me to do what I’ve wanted to do for years. I’m so happy Lori is the one who helped me get through what I thought was going to be an unbearable process. From the moment we met, I felt a bit better just by her calm, friendly demeanor. Then she explained the overall process and also walked me through each step as she did the wax. We had fun chatting, which also helped me to relax.”

Lynette S • Phoenix, AZ • Flight Attendant
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“My wife and I have been seeing Deyna consistently for several years for both waxing and electrolysis services and she’s the best there is. Besides being awesome at the services she provides, she’s friendly, always easy to book and reasonably priced. Her shop is clean, easy to find and centrally located for those of us in the east valley. What more can you say?”

Gary Z • Mesa, AZ

“I have gone to several places for waxes. I have had top notch amazing waxes and horrible traumatic waxes. There’s no way to get around it, waxing hurts. A good aesthetician will reduce the pain - but it’s no magic wand. Deyna was very nice and her space was private and clean. The wax was more on than painful side than I am used to from my place in LA, but she was thorough and professional. She owns her own business, so I wasn’t pressured to buy anything, which was great. She made me feel very comfortable and the price was right, too! I have sensitive skin, so I will see how my skins reacts. So far, I like the results, but dang, it still hurts! I may come back and give five stars if my skin doesn’t freak out on day 2. I definitely recommend!”

Liz S • Phoenix, AZ
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“Deyna is so great!! Always makes you feel comfortable!! I have even started electrolysis with her and its great too!!”

Jessica B • Tempe, AZ
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“I bought a Living Social deal for three up front. Considering I’ve never done this before, though am aware of how (ahem) personal a Brazilian could be, I was incredibly nervous. True, within three minutes of meeting Deyna I was without my pants and spread-eagle, but I can’t imagine a single person other than Deyna making me feel very comfortable like that. She explained everything she was doing, kept the conversation going so I didn’t die of embarrassment, and she complimented me on my (for lack of a better word) performance. I HIGHLY recommend her!!”

Keiko D • Mesa, AZ
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“I have only had 2 Brazilian waxes in my life, and the 2nd one was just done by Deyna. I had a horrible experience during my first wax in Canada, so seeing Deyna was delightful! She made me feel 100% comfortable, and she was very chatty and kind. She uses bed sheets as waxing strips and they work so well! She even showed me the roots of my hairs on the strip and educated me about how waxing works. I would recommend her to anyone! I’ll be back to see her when I’m back in Mesa later in the year. Ask her where the “F spot” is. ;)”

Rachel T • Whistler, Canada
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“I had always wanted to try a Brazilian wax but was too scared to go through with it. Then, in a moment of bravery, I bought a Living Social deal for Wax On Wax Off. Deyna made the experience a snap. She was very professional and did an amazing job. While uncomfortable (let’s face it, that is a tender area), I did not find it as excruciating as I had heard it would be. I think her prices are very fair, she knows her trade very well and is a truly awesome person. I highly recommend her!”

Kimberly H • Phoenix, AZ

“She was soo good! A little heavy handed but very clean and detailed. She cleaned me up so nicely. I am new to Arizona and I don’t plan on going anywhere other than Wax On, Wax Off.”

Liv M • Mesa, AZ
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“So my only issue with my whole trip was finding the office. Her office is in a big complex with other beauty salons and hair places. After walking around for a bit. I went in towards the middle and her office was right in front. Her door will be locked if she is with another person.

My appointment did start about 20 minutes late, but she apologized and I understood that her office could be a bit tricky to find. Deyna was easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable while getting a full Brazilian.

I have Never been waxed before. She explained the the first time is the worst because that is when all of you hair is fully grown. She was quick and efficient and talked the whole way through to keep my mind off of it. I can take a lot of pain. This still hurt like heck. I laid around with an ice pack on my groin the rest of the day.

Needless to say it was fantastic not to have to shave for weeks. Deyna was great! If I ever decide to do this again I will go back to her.”

Kell J • Tempe, AZ
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“I have been buying brazilians through groupon and living social for a while now. I like to find the best deals, but now I am hooked with Deyna! I bought her living social deal for 3 Brazilians. Her waxing studio is so comfortable and inviting. I feel like I’m at the spa when I’m there. Deyna is very kind and easy to talk to. She made me feel very comfortable from the get-go. She is excellent at what she does and is quick and efficient. After using my third voucher this evening, I’m already planning on keeping Deyna as my “wax lady.” I’m even trying to convince my husband to see her for a manzilian! ”

Melinda S • Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve been going to Deyna religiously for almost two years. She does such an incredible job that I dread the few times a year when I am out of state and need to visit a different salon. You can tell Deyna really cares about her clients and enjoys her job by the quality of her work and the kindness she shows everybody who walks in her studio’s doors. For anybody looking for a new aesthetician, book your next appointment with the ladies at Wax On Wax Off to see firsthand what you’ve been missing. I promise Deyna and Lori will not disappoint!”

M B • Chandler, AZ
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