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“Lori is amazing. She makes what is typically an uncomfortable procedure not just tolerable, but actually enjoyable. She’s thorough, professional, gentle, and funny as hell. Look forward to my appointments.”

Tim L

“Today was amazing, quick, professional and Lori is so sweet! I think I found my new wax lady :) I have been to many different salons. Lori made you feel at home and you can just tell she has many years experience! I left with an amazing Brazilian wax but also a warm heart.”

Daniella B

“Lori is amazing. I’ve been to her a couple times for brozilians. Obviously a very intimate procedure. She has put me totally at ease and does a fantastic job.”

Mike E

“Lori is awesome, she makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. For anyone looking to relieve some tension, I recommend the Stress Buster.”

Felix M

“This place is amazing. I first found Lori through a coworker. There’s no other place I would ever go for waxing. Lori is very educational and is super helpful when it comes to waxing. I would definitely recommend them.”

Erika R

“Lori did an excellent job at making m| e feel comfortable and relaxed by informing me about the procedure and just put me at ease before our session. The appointment went smoothly. Seriously it’s smooth! Will definitely return.”

Michael K


Mike G

“This place is fantastic! I found it about a year ago and Lori took care of me the day I came in. I’m always uneasy when having sensitive areas waxed and she was so amazing! She has a wonderful personality and makes you feel extremely comfortable... even in the most uncomfortable of waxing situations. I will continue going to Wax On Wax Off for a very long time. I highly recommend this establishment!”

Lisa D

“Lori was so amazing. I was so nervous and so out of my comfort zone. She took all my worries away and was so knowledgeable she answered all my questions even my embarrassing ones. Go see Lori you will not regret it. Such a super sweet person.”

Stephanie P

“Lori was the best. I felt completely at ease with her. Best below the belt waxing ever.”

Kevin O

“Absolutely love Lori. Been coming to her for brozilians and she does a terrific job. Very thorough and effective while being gentle. Highly recommend her and will be coming back for a long time.”

Keith C

“Lori was fabulous. She made my first time waxing comfortable, answered all my questions, and was delightful to chat with. Definitely look forward to going again.”

Cynthia B

“If this is your first time, or even your 20th, I would highly recommend Lori. She made me feel very comfortable, secure and was not intimidating in any way. The salon was very clean, inviting and professional.”

Corinna K

“The Stress Buster service I had with Lori was so awesome. It made me feel so much better! I’ve been full of good, relaxed energy all weekend. Today I had the best gym workout I’ve had in a very long time. Lori is beyond awesome and I really appreciate that she recommended this amazing service!”

Bill S

“Lori is a professional and very good at what she does. Conversation is pleasant and she’s very thorough with the Brozilian and leaves no hair untouched.”

Glenn S

“I know this sounds weird but Lori was a really easy person to undress in front of. She was also amazing at the wax itself. It was not very painful or irritating, although that’s obviously subjective. She was knowledgable and helpful about waxing. I’ll definitely be back.”

Kate P

“Lori was awesome. It was my first time getting waxed and there was barely any pain. I would recommend Lori to anyone. She is very knowledgeable.”

Guadalupe V

“Thank you Lori you are amazing. First time and made it a great experience.”

Nyokabi K

“If I could rate them 10 stars, I would. Lori knew by the look on my face how scared I was and as soon as she started talking me through what was going to happen, a lot of my nerves disappeared. She explained that everyone has a different experience, but personally this was less of a hassle than a simple eyebrow wax! She talked to me the entire time and told me exactly what she would be doing step-by-step. I got the wax for a special occasion and did not have a plan to go again, but I would most definitely go back just because I was so happy with my experience!! I could go on and on about how happy I am with this place and specifically with Lori but you’ll just have to go and see for yourself!!”

Katrina H

“Lori is amazing! Love the scheduling they use, easy to make an appt. Great service & personal attention. Turned an anxious experience into something pleasant & far less painful than anticipated :) would highly recommend!”

Deirdre F

“Lori and Deyna maintain a professional atmosphere with a very personal touch. In the two years I’ve been visiting this salon, Lori has come to be a friend. Hummingbook makes booking an ease. I especially enjoy the sensual artwork adorning the walls. I look forward to my visits.”

Ronak P

“I have been to a few other places for my bikini waxes and felt “okay” with the service. Never have I felt the way I did when I went here with Lori. She was amazing. Her ability to be personal, professional, and provide an awesome service was all I needed! I will continue to go back for my waxing for sure!”

Christy S