• Does waxing hurt?

    Everybody has a unique level of pain tolerance. Please realize, though, that often the anticipation is more painful than the reality.

  • How long does the hair have to be?

    Ideally, the hair should be about a 1/4 inch long—roughly the length of long grain rice—which is usually about 3 weeks from shaving or 3 to 6 weeks from previous waxing.

  • How long does the waxing last?

    Hair grows in stages and it also depends on the area, so it’s hard to predict. Most clients come once a month for areas such as bikini or legs, and every two weeks for areas like underarms.

  • Does hair get thicker from waxing?

    Many people think waxing enables hair growth, but this is not the case. Waxing actually weakens the hair follicle root, causing it to become thinner over time and eventually go away completely for many people.

  • Will I have a reaction to waxing?

    Everybody’s skin reacts differently. It’s common to be pink/red for a couple of hours or even up to a day or two in areas with thick dense hair. We review your current skin condition before waxing and give you many options to reduce the reaction afterward.

  • Why remove hair?

    Why not! It leaves you feeling silky and smooth, helps eliminate odors that are held in the hair, and lasts much longer than shaving or cream depilatories.

  • What about if I am on my period?

    Not a problem for us, but many people find that they are a bit more sensitive during this time.

  • Can I tan after a wax?

    It is only safe to tan after the redness has subsided. Spray tanning is great after waxing because the skin is freshly exfoliated. Spray tanning before waxing will possibly be waxed off.

  • Is it safe to wax if I am using Accutane / Retin-A / Alpha Hydroxy Acids / Exfoliants?

    No. Wait at least 6 weeks after the end of your medicinal treatment(s) to make sure everything is healed. The skin cells and nerves are very sensitive after such treatments, and waxing would be counterproductive to your healing.

  • Do you wax men’s beards?

    No. The skin is way too sensitive and hair too thick.

  • What type of wax do you use?

    We use a high-end, organic cream wax for sensitive skin. It's formulated to adhere more to the hair’s texture than to the skin, which makes for a much gentler removal. Tea tree oil is a prominent ingredient for its calming, soothing properties.